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We have added our GDPR update and now are fully compliant, all of your details can now be removed on login.

  • GDPR - You have probably heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force in a few weeks’ time. This European Union text strengthens certain obligations and creates some new ones in terms of companies collecting and processing the personal data of EU citizens. That is why we are updating our Addons Service General Terms and Conditions of Use (Clients and Contributors) and our Personal Data Protection Policy. This update ensures that Laptops Luxembourg acts in a responsible manner and complies with the GDPR.  
  • Clarity and transparency. We have updated our Personal Data Protection Policy to make it easier for users to understand by adding definitions of our key terms and describing our data processing practices. As such, we explain to you how we use your personal data, who is tasked with processing them and how long we store them for. 

We invite you to read carefully our Personal Data Protection Policy

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