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Independent Professional IT Contractor.

Esch Alzette Luxembourg L4306

Website Design Planning and design of websites, help and advice.

Sale of Quality Used Business Laptops - With Warranty + Support , We only offer for sale the best quality of Laptops that we recieve for sale, we would not sell a poor unit, or a Laptop that we deemed was not suitable for resale after our stringent quality control checks and tests. Each Laptop has the latest rolling release of windows 10 available * Genuine - It also comes with genuine MS Office - not pirated software or hand me down. On buying a laptop from us you are also entitled to proper Technical Hardware Support from us - as we are Tech experts, and specialists for Mobile Laptop Users. We also offer remote support via teamviewer for managing hosted services and clients Laptops or PC to fix your issue quickly.

E-ccomerce websites designed and deployed, visibilty comissioned for google.lu (Google Luxembourg) exclusive SEO and page positioning - We Are SEO Experts.

Data Recovery Lost all of your photos and music, or your important files?

We have bespoke disaster recovery equipment to retrieve your files from that broken disk drive. We also offer data recovery for servers, RAID drives. We are also partners with Microshop.lu data recovery laboratory

Custom cloud solutions, project management, Linux Apache File Server Configuration.

I am available for quick onsite call out to your home / office in Luxembourg in order to diagnose and fix any of your computer related problems, servers, desktops, and also high end work stations. Specialist advice and repairs for Dell and Lenovo computers. We also fix to component level PC circuit boards, and electronic circuit boards. We can also install data cabling CAT6 Ethernet throughout your office.

IT cover can also be provided for business on a contract basis. email: sales@laptops.lu

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