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Hp Photosmart 5520 Firewall Rules for Scanning and Printing via Linux

Published : 04/28/2018 22:27:26
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Step two: Unblock related ports

This step describes how to unblock Internet ports related to the product.
Each rule opens one port, so a rule needs to be created for each of the following ports:
  • UDP 427 (inbound)
  • TCP 9220 (outbound)
  • UDP 161 (outbound)
  • UDP 427 (outbound)
  • TCP 9500 (outbound)
  • TCP 9290 (outbound)
  • TCP & UDP 139 (outbound)
  • TCP 9100 (outbound)
Each port name consists of a protocol (either UDP or TCP), a number, and a connection type (either inbound or outbound). Each piece of this information is used in creating the rule to open the port.
Follow these steps to unblock the ports by creating new rules in the firewall software.
  1. Open the network or rules section of the firewall software.
  2. Create a new rule with a descriptive name. For example, unblock UDP 137 inbound for unblocking the UDP 137 inbound port.
  3. If prompted to select the type of rule, select All IP Addresses.
  4. If prompted to select the type of IP address, select IPv4 and IPv6.
  5. When you have created each rule, click OK or Save to apply the changes.

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